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Friday, 10 January 2014

Melaka City Archaeological Excavation Site


Research and archaeological excavation works at the playground started from 1 June till 30 June, 2010. This site is situated at Jalan Kota, next to the Central Melaka police headquarters. This area as chosen due to its proximity to the remnants of the city’s walls, from Bastion Fredrick Hendrick to Bastion Santiago, based on a sketch of a Portuguese (1588) and Dutch (1792) maps. 

Excavation works started manually and systematically archaeologically. The works uncovered the remnants of the city’s walls that were built using laterite stones, organised methodically by the Portuguese and fortified by the Dutch. However, the British powered Melaka and destroyed the city walls. 

Besides the city’s wall structure, the original drainage system of the Melaka was also found at the site. The drains were square (40 cm x 60 cm) made using laterite. Other artefacts found at the site were Ming and Ching dynasty porcelain shards, stoneware, Dutch rock, pottery, animal bones, steel and others. However, the artefacts were found scattered throughout the area as this was also part of a walled up dam during the British era. 

Getting Here 

By Road 
The distance to Melaka from Kuala Lumpur using the North-South Expressway is two hours. This site is located at Jalan Kota, next to the Melaka Tengah Police/Traffic Headquarters and is easy to find as it is located in the middle of the Melaka city centre. 

Who To Contact 
En.Mat Nasir Bin Baba (Ketua Zon) 
Phone: +06-2866011 

Perzim Tuan Hj.Khamis 

Tourism Information Centre 
Phone: +06-2814803


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