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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bukit Jawa, Lenggong


Bukit Jawa is an open site where evidence of Palaeolithic culture was found. This site is situated at latitude 5˚ 07.72’ north and longitude 100˚ 59.55’ east, with a height of 104 meters above sea level. It was discovered by Universiti Sains Malaysia, and research was carried out in 1996. 

A mapping of the environment around Kota Tampan was carried out, hence the discovery of a possible site at Bukit Jawa. From the findings, sediments at the river bed were more than 72 meters above sea level, and may have been used by a pre-historic community. 

Bukit Jawa’s site unearthed evidence that layers of sediments at Sungai Perak were used by the Paleleothic community as a base for tool making, circa 100,000 – 200, 000 years ago. They used hammers, and other tools which were evident from the thousands of stone shards found at the site. 

Getting Here 

By Road 
Lenggong is located on Route 76 which links Kuala Kangsar with Baling. To reach it from the North-South Expressway (E1), exit the highway at the Kuala Kangsar Interchange (Exit 143). From there take Route 76 in the direction of Baling. The archaeological sites in Lenggong includes Bukit Jawa, Kota Tampan, Gua Gunung Runtuh and Gua Harimau. 

Who To Contact 
Jabatan Warisan Negara Zon Tengah Zuraini bt Zamri 
 Phone: +6019-567 2455 

Pusat Informasi Pelancongan Hentian R&R Raja Muda Nazrin, Tasik Raban Lenggong 
Phone: +605-7512350


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