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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Homestay Felda Semenchu


Joining a homestay programme is a great way to experience local culture in a close-to- authentic setting. The Homestay Felda Semenchu programme presents a golden opportunity to get acquainted with the lifestyle of the Johor Malays. 

Take part in the many activities with the locals: learn to shuffle the traditional Malay way in dances like kuda kepang, or try your hand at gasing (traditional top-spinning) and congkak. 

During your stay, you will also be taken on an engaging trip to an oil palm estate to see the agricultural side of Malaysia. 

Don't forget to leave with fond memories and firm friendships to last a lifetime! 

Getting Here 

By Car 
Felda Semenchu Homestay is located about 80km from Johor Bahru town centre and Singapore. It is 42km from Kota Tinggi town on the way to Desaru/Tanjung Balau in Johor. 

Who To Contact 
Omar Dean 
Phone: +6019-701 9484 

Mat Noh Abdullah 
Phone: +6019-740 1353 

Ishak Mahmood 
Phone: +6013-725 4852 

Visit website :


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